Payment method


On the checkout progress, you will see bitcoin for instant and proceed with checkout.). A page will show with our bitcoin address, copy the address to your wallet and send it, once it’s sent; it will be confirmed within five minutes and your order will be showing under processing. You can rest at this stage, while we validate your address and start delivery. Once we have sent your package, You will be given also a tracking number so you can track your order.


With Worldremit payment, you can do the payment online at using your credit/debit/prepaid card
*Riamoney- Riamoney payment can also be done online at using either your credit /debit card/ Request Info for a wire transfer
We’ll send you an email with the required information to do a wire transfer with whichsoever service you choose

PayPal/Gift Card-Credit-Debit Card Payment

When checking Out you will find and email address to email customer Service for PayPal or Credit card payment details.