Xanax Bars

Different colors of Xanax indicate distinct strengths!

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Xanax or Xanax bars stands as anti-anxiety medication that addresses mental disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks. The survey concludes that the most prescribed anti-anxiety is Xanax (benzodiazepine) medication in the USA. The doctor writes 40 million for Xanax each year. However, this consumption has taken a new height over the years. The primary objective of this medication has taken a new goal. It is the highest misused medication in the USA by abusers. And abusers take it with different names (slangs) such as xannies, bars, Z-bars, and yellow busses on the street illegally.

Xanax came to market in the mid-1990s as an anti-anxiety medication. FDA approves the treatment such as anxiety and panic disorder in adults by Xanax bars. However, doctors utilize this medication for one more objective that is treating nausea due to chemotherapy as an off-label treatment. Xanax bars (alprazolam) is a short-acting benzodiazepine that pushes its active elements to function inside the system immediately, and effects last for around 6 hours. Therefore, there should be a gap of 6 hours between 2 dosages.

While functioning inside the system, this medication releases the euphoria feeling. Euphoria is a feeling wherein one feels relaxed, calm, and jubilant. Therefore, it is the highest misused medication in the USA to get high. Although Xanax bars lead to negative consequences such as addiction, mental dependency, and death when you use to abuse it. Therefore, kindly take the Xanax only for the recommended purposes.

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Xanax bars come into the market with a wide range of strengths and colors. Each color represents to different strength of the Xanax bars. The available strengths of the Xanax bars are 0.25mg. 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg and 3mg. although, the doctor always recommends commencing the treating with the lowest dosage, such as 0.25mg. However, the dosage may go up if the circumstances take place to do so.

What are the sorts of different Xanax bars available? 

There is a multitude of colors available of Xanax that indicates different strengths. It is a tranquilizer drug as it works by releasing calming effects in the CNS. The chief reason for the availability of Xanax bars in multiple colors and strengths is that every creator intends to deliver different colors with different imprints to represent them out of the crowd. Some of the major colors and their strengths are-

Green Xanax bars- 

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  • Every pharmaceutical creator intends to create green Xanax bars but with different shapes and strengths.
  • Each creator globally strives to mark the different imprints on the Xanax bars to make them more visible in the market.
  • Green Xanax holds the same amount of active elements as other strengths, such as white and yellow Xanax.
  • There are numerous similarities observed, such as the functioning rate and working mechanism between the green and yellow Xanax.
  • The code usually imprinted on the green Xanax is G 372, whereas the yellow one recognizes by the code of R039 pills.
  • Green Xanax bars possess the active element (alprazolam) in 2mg, and 2mg of Xanax is considered the high dosage.
  • Use Xanax 2mg (Green Xanax)  under the doctor’s guidance and guidelines.
  • There are numerous shapes available that represent green Xanax, such as the oval, rectangular, and round with the power of 2mg and 3mg.
  • Football Xanax is an alternative name for this medication as it activates in an oval shape with the power of 1mg.
  • This medication begins its mechanism by releasing the fewer effects of the sedation.
  • Both green and white Xanax have the same amount of active element, but green Xanax (hulk Xanax) still dominates in the mechanism of white pills.
White Xanax bars- 
  • White Xanax bars hold alternate name white stick because of its availability in the rectangular white shape.
  • There are some more shapes available of this one variant that are rectangular, oval, and triangular.
  • Users usually recognize this medication with white Xanax bars, and it is compressed with active alprazolam 2mg.
  • Alprazolam comes as the active element in all the Xanax bars, which enables the Xanax to begin its mechanism inside the body.
  • Doctors and medical authorities lead the highest dose of Xanax, which is 4mg a day, and white stick has 2mg, also referred to as the high dosage.
  • White Xanax bars release high effects of sedation in the system after start working.
  • The dosage should go down gradually over time. Suddenly leaving the treatment can lead to Xanax bars withdrawals.
  • The imprints vary on the green Xanax bars such as X ANA X 2 and G 372 2 because of the availability of numerous creators.
Yellow Xanax bars- 
  • Yellow Xanax or R039 pills is the most practicable strength and color of Xanax.
  • R039 pills hold 2mg of the active alprazolam that enables it to function inside the system.
  • The mechanism of the R039 pills is compatible with the white Xanax bars (white stick).
  • Yellow Xanax bars hold the watermark of the R039 code on the one end.
  • This form costs around $4 over the counter in the united states.
  • The user reveals that the yellow Xanax bar seems more potent in the working rate than white and green ones.
Purple Xanax bar- 
  • This form of Xanax holds the active element in 1 mg proportion.
  • Pharmaceutical creator named Pfizer creates purple Xanax.
  • It mainly activates in the two significant shapes, such as oval and elongated.
  • Pfizer gives the imprint of the 1.0 on the one end of this medication, and another end of this medication seems blank.
  • Children younger than 18 years shouldn’t consume this medication. This medication can lead to severe withdrawals if used by the children.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not use Xanax as it can result in drug dependency and other side effects in the infant.
  • Kindly let know to doctor if you are running under the treatment of other medical conditions. The treatment might be customized as per necessity.
Pink Xanax bars- 
  • Pink Xanax is recently brought to market with a dosage strength of 0.5mg.
  • Doctors usually recommend this strength to begin the treatment for the management of anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Another name of this medication is football Xanax as it activates in a round shape.
  • Pink Xanax is only accessible with the legal prescription of the doctor. Using it without the prescription of the doctor is illegal.
  • However, abusers acquire this medication from their family, friends, and other non-authentic sources.

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Blue Xanax bars- 

  • Blue Xanax bar is also known as Xanax 1mg as it holds the active alprazolam in the 1mg ratio.
  • There is a multitude of shapes available of this form, such as oval and elliptical.
  • The doctor recommends splitting this medication into two equal parts to consume the dose of 0.5mg.
  • It comes under the schedule 4 controlled substance, which means it has a minor potential for abuse.
  • This medication holds the inscription of 0 31 R on one end.
  • During the treatment, you will have to follow the sort of precautions to avoid the risk of catching the side effects.
  • The cost of the blue Xanax bars over the counter is around $2. However, the prices may vary in different states due to different taxes and norms.

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